Curricula and Exemplar Performance Standards

Examples of the NAHT Performance Standards


Year 6 Reading



Year 5 Writing


Year 5 Maths


Best Practice for Exemplar Performance Standards

Life After Levels has produced a set of exemplification materials to assist schools in developing their own standards files. The materials were developed in schools following robust standardisation procedures. The NAHT exemplification materials cover reading, writing and mathematics. Additional materials are available for computing provided by Naace. We are developing materials for other subjects.

Curriculum Design

The first and most important step is for teachers to work together to design the curriculum for each subject and year group. A well designed curriculum should show year on year progression with clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess student progress.


Perfect for Curriculum & Assessment

Best practice aligned with the new Ofsted inspection framework


Exemplar Performance Standards

A central feature of the Curriculum and Assessment framework is the use of ‘standards files’ that provide exemplification materials. The purpose of a standards file is to provide teachers with a common understanding of the expected performance for KPIs in a year on year basis as presented in the National Curriculum.

It is important to note that the exemplification files are not presented as a definitive national standard of expected pupil performance.


Here is the full list of pre-populated curricula available through the free Curriculum Designer tool.


NAHT Curriculum and Assessment Framework

An curriculum and assessment framework for reading, writing & maths for key stages 1 & 2 with learning objectives and KPI along with exemplar standards for each objective.

Subjects: Reading, Writing & Maths

Key stages: 1 & 2

Rising Stars Progression Framework

An extended version of the National Curriculum for key stages 1 & 2 with KPIs for all core subjects and granular objectives to track progress.

Subjects: Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computing

Key stages: 1 & 2

NAACE Computing

A rich computing curriculum that expands on the objectives stated in the National Curriculum for key stages 1 & 2. It supports the use of KPIs in alignment with the NAHT assessment framework. methodology.

Subjects: Computing

Key stages: 1 & 2

National Curriculum (England)

The national curriculum provided by the government for all key stages and subjects.

Subjects: All

Key stages: 1 – 4

Geographical Association

A rich geography curriculum which expands upon the objectives in the National Curriculum for key stages 1 & 2. It supports the use of KPIs in alignment with the NAHT assessment framework methodology.

Subjects: Geography

Key stages: 1 & 2

Development Matters Statements

For children aged 0 – 60+ months the Development Matters Statements outline the expected development stages in line with the themes of the EYFS.

Subjects: All

Key stages: Foundation Stage

Step Up

An extended version of the NAHT assessment framework curriculum with KPIs and granular objectives to show progress for children that are struggling with KPIs.

Subjects: Reading, Writing & Maths

Key stages: 1 & 2

ITP Continuums

A custom continuum style curriculum to track progress for children with SEN for reading, writing & maths.

Subjects: Reading, Writing & Maths

Key stages: SEN

Available autumn 2016

P Scales

Special Educational Needs (SEN) framework provided by the government.

Subjects: All

Key stages: SEN