Have you responded to the government consultations on primary assessment?



There are two important Government consultations seeking views on assessment arrangements in primary education in England which are open until 22 June 2017. Schools, teachers, parents, school governors and local authorities in fact anyone with an interest in education is encouraged to submit a response.  


What are the consultations?

Primary Assessment in England

 Primary Assessment in England is a Government consultation which was opened due to concerns around the current assessment system. The consultation sets out the long-term vision for primary assessment including critical issues such as the role and operation of teacher assessment, the best starting point for measuring children’s progress during primary school, how to build on the strengths of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and, how to support and improve end-of-key-stage teacher assessment.


Primary School Pupil Assessment: Rochford Review Recommendations

This consultation is about the future of statutory assessment arrangements for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests in England. It is concerned with statutory summative assessments at the end of key stages 1 and 2.

In December 2015, the Rochford Review published recommendations for an interim statutory solution to assess pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests who are not assessed using Performance Scales (P Scales). This solution was adopted in developing the interim pre-key stage standards which were first used in the 15-16 academic year and have since been retained for 16-17. The Rochford Review’s final report was published in October 2016. The Department for Education (DfE) is seeking views on the final recommendations.


How do I respond?

We have produced a Primary Assessment Update which summarises the main points of the two consultations and points to consider when responding. It also includes a summary of The House of Commons Education Report on Primary Assessment as this has a bearing on the debate over school accountability and the assessment regime for primary education.

The consultations close at 5pm on 22 June 2017. Respondents are encouraged to respond using the online system wherever possible. 

·         Respond to the Primary Assessment in England consultation

·         Respond to the Primary School Pupil Assessment Rochford Review Recommendations Consultation  


The results of the consultation and DfE’s response is expected to be published in September 2017.



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