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Following the removal of National Attainment Levels, most schools feel like they’ve had the rug pulled from under them. Guidance about how to move forward has been hard to find.

The first thing to check out is our Life After Levels Assessment Guide

Bringing together all the key guidance from Ofsted, the DfE, NAHT, and others. It may surprise you to know that much guidance has been provided, however it’s been hidden away in rarely read reports. This document puts everything you need to know in one handy document.


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Curriculum Designer

The Life After Levels Curriculum Designer is FREE software for all schools to use to construct and manage their curriculum, including exemplar materials, learning resources, everything you need.

The software has been provided by our partner Frog Education.

Now you can access and edit curriculums provided by our partners and collaborators, construct your own using theirs as a template, and manage a whole range of learning resources and exemplification materials. This software also meets your statutory need to publish your curriculum, in detail, on your website.

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We run events throughout the year across England where you can see a range of expert key note speakers, see examples of best practice and meet like minded people.

Our events are based heavily around confidence in teaching without levels, why not come along to an event and see how that can help you get started.

Life After Levels Conference


16th November


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Life After Levels Conference


28th November


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Our team of experts at Life After Levels have put together a range of training courses for you and your school to guide you through the process of teaching, learning, and assessment without levels.

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Resource Library

Our resource library is a collection of videos, articles and guides to help

develop your understanding and to get you started!

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