Life After Levels is a collaboration founded by the NAHT and Frog Education.

It exists to help schools take best advantage of the opportunity that’s been presented by the

removal of National Attainment Levels. This is our time to define the future of assessment.

Curriculums and Exemplar Standards from our Partners

Our collaborators have developed curriculums with exemplar standards which are included in the FREE Curriculum Designer

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A new approach to assessment

The NAHT assessment principles are not just about a new method, it’s a totally new approach to assessment, with teaching and learning at its heart.

These principles have now proved themselves very successfully, improving outcomes, raising teaching standards and reducing teacher workload; and in many cases reminding teachers why they joined the profession.

Many schools have received an unwelcome surprise following their SATs results and it has become clear that a new approach is now necessary, both in primary and secondary schools.

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We have a range of resources that will support you through this exciting time...


Giving you access to a growing library of learning materials, guides, articles, and signposts to other useful resources.

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Events & Training

We host events around the country, and a range of practical in-school training, workshops, and online training to help make sense of it all.

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Curriculum Designer

This FREE software gives you access to all curriculums provided through Life After Levels and allows you to publish them on your website.

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